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Wednesday July 28th

Wednesday July 28th

Warm up:

A. 5x5 Glute ham raise

B. 4 rounds

400 m run

10 horizontal ring rows

C. 10 dislocates (back to front & front to back)


Strength: Floor press

Mobilize prior to lifting. Make sure you are warm, and mobilize after lifting.


WOD #1: 15-12-9

Deadlifts (315/205)

Burpee box jump overs (24/20)


Accessory test:

Max distance hand stand walk in 2 min. OR Max effort "nose to toe" HS hold in 1 attempt. Handstand facing the wall with your nose and toes touching the wall throughout the hold. This is the scale for those who are not able to HS walk yet.


WOD #2: 4 rounds for time

15 barbell roll outs (abs)

200 m run

60 dubs/180 singles

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